June 14, 2017

“Are you the new intern?”

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I’ve worn many hats and I never knew what I wanted to have as a career. When I mastered one craft, I moved on to the next one. But one thing always stuck with me, Drawing letters and letter forms.

Hi, my name is Roland and I am not a graphic designer, I like to be known as a creative. My story starts in 2003, when I moved to Canada and later met my friend Jhonny. He introduced me to fine arts and he showed me the ropes when it came to graffiti. What, did you think I drew sans-serifs to get my handstyle?

I started doing murals for commission and eventually realized and accepted that I was a creative who needed to be creative every day. I could not sit through a 5-year architecture program, so I dropped what I was doing to pursue happiness.

Design was one of those things that I stumbled upon, but it was always there. I went from one medium to the other trying to find something that I liked. But, it turns out that the progression is what I enjoyed the most. It’s funny to think, that when I started my career I had a few old Crayola markers and paper. Now, I have a portfolio showcasing my work, I can create anything from prints to motion graphics and the people that I ­­work with are just like me! Creative.

This journey keeps me humble, but I wonder what kind of new and exciting adventure is waiting for me around the corner!


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