Angelica Ramos

Pink Floyd’s The Wall is one of the most iconic and influential albums in the history of Rock & Roll. It was written by a very tormented Roger Waters back in 1979 as a a semi autobiographical piece that talks about the loss of his father, failed relationships and dealing with fame, addiction, pain and […]

The Only Constant is Change- Heraclitus Every day it becomes more evident that the socio-economic model we’ve been dependent on is cracking beneath our feet. This animation by Cultivate demonstrates the importance of resilience in building new models by comparing it to surfing. It looks at the themes of  personal and community resilience and facing global transition to reflect […]

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to lead my second Photoshop workshop as part of Ladies Learning Code. I was first introduced to LLC through my friend Ayla who was attending a group of women entrepreneurs in Toronto where she first met the founder Heather Payne. Heather had been organizing workshops to introduce women to […]

  As a Mexican in Toronto sometimes I feel like I have a double personality. While I’m a native of Mexico City (or Chilanga as we call ourselves) I take a temporary Torontonian identity to be able to blend in and become a resident of this city. I know I’m not the only one and […]

You can love them or hate them but one thing is for sure, memes travel at the speed of light invading our Facebook walls and Twitter timelines until the point of exhaustion. What is it about them that makes people keep posting them and sharing them? The definition of Meme according to Webster dictionary is […]

If you are already a Pinterest user I bet your email has been recently flooded by notifications of pins, repinns and follows. I have been a user for about a year and I had never seen such action until now. It seems like this social media site has finally gone mainstream. I mentioned Pinterest in […]

Two or three times a week during lunchtime I go to yoga at a studio near my office. I have discovered that these days I come back to my computer feeling happier, refreshed and more motivated to be productive. It is very hard to spend 8 straight hours producing work every day. And while not […]

Cycling through the city is a very popular activity during the summer, however lots of people in Toronto decide to leave their bike in storage for the winter season. Personally, I find that the benefits of biking every day are bigger than the obstacles, so I try to keep going year round. Here are some […]

Canadians love to talk about the weather and I don’t blame them. Weather affects how we dress, how we transport and how we feel every day. Especially during winter, it is impossible to forget the fact that it is ten degrees below zero or to ignore that the wind-chill can make it feel even worse. […]

  My friend Ayla has been keeping a journal for more than 2 years to keep a record of things that she’s grateful for each day. She’s noticed that this exercise has helped her maintain more positive attitude even in times of trouble. One day she was talking about her daily exercise with Andrés, a […]