Jennifer DePoe

Astolabe Lake is where in 1867 a 14 year old Cobden, Ontario farmboy named Edward George Lee found Samuel de Champlain’s long lost Astrolabe presumably lost 254 years earlier.  At least that’s what we’ve been lead to believe. The famed astrolabe is now in the Canadian Museum of Civilization‘s permanent collection. It was acquired by The […]

The eagerly anticipated launch of Google+ Business pages has so far been met with  resounding “So what?” And right now I’d have to agree with that. The page set up is frustrating, the concept isn’t new or innovative and frankly it’s just another space for your community manager to post the same info as Facebook and Twitter […]

Agnew Lake is located just outside of Sudbury, ON.  It was created completely by accident in the early 1920’s when INCO (International Nickel Company of Canada) put a power dam into the Spanish River.  This caused the river to flood and form Agnew Lake. It is named after John Lyons Agnew who was the President […]

I am a proud Apple fangirl.  From my iPhone to my Airport my electronic and computing life is completely mac.  It is a love affair that started 7 years ago when my ex gave me the first generation iPod nano for Christmukka.  Shortly after that I moved into a career with Apple retail, and that’s how I […]

People are resistant to change.  In an era of rapid paced consumption of information; constant instant contact and social media fatigue  Facebook has once again made some major changes to its layout, functionality, and privacy settings.   Judging from the reaction on Twitter it’s the Facebook apocalypse.   Mashable has conducted a survey and posted the results on Google+: […]

Full disclosure:  And now that I’ve spent a lot more time with Google+ and I’m digging a little deeper I do love it! Dang it Google, you got me again.  I think my iPhone looks a little nervous. I like Google, I have four Gmail accounts.  I’ve played around with Google docs, and Google reader. […]

Nobody likes writing about themselves.  I took an informal poll this afternoon when I ran into a friend on the streetcar (that way I wouldn’t have to do the math on the margin of error.)   It can easily come across as dry or as a #humblebrag  (or just bragging) and for those of us […]