Jodi Lastman

  On October 20th, the Hypenotic Loves PARC team will lace up our sneakers, and walk 5K with our friends at Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre (PARC). PARC is right down the road from our offices and we had the privilege of sitting in on their weekly knitting groups, hockey shinnies and jam sessions when […]

  Image From: Yertle the Turtle, Dr. Seuss A couple weeks back, I had the pleasure of attending the B Corp Champions Retreat in Boulder, Colorado. It was a gathering of 250 people from around the world who are proud to be B Corp certified. We came together to address how we can advance the B […]

There are many important public education campaigns aimed at helping people get their head around misunderstood issues. Consider how public awareness campaigns helped shift perceptions of the hazards of second hand smoke or how campaigns like London’s Refugee Week shift perceptions of Refugees from liabilities to assets. The Cliteracy public education campaign wants to bring […]

The world was in such an uproar about Miley Cyrus’ performance on the VMA’s that it hit the radar of a 42 year old mom like me who ended up looking up the word Twerking late Tuesday night. Between Wikipedia and Youtube I got myself sorted and up to speed on current events. The next […]

Last week we went to Toronto’s first-ever Figment Festival. Don’t know what Figment is? It’s a weekend long, free participatory art event that, in their words is “designed to promote spontaneous collaboration, active communication and significant fun.” There was music, art, theatre, games and…. my kids playing Aqua Attack! Figment was started by the Burner community or folks […]

Listen. No really listen.  The sounds of Eda Lake. It seems aimless really. But isn’t that the point?

See how liberating and informative it can be to use Pixar’s storytelling framework on your brand.

Five years ago when we began working with Fiesta Farms Hypenotic created a strategic platform based on the core idea that Food Matters for Fiesta Farms’ shoppers. This vision was already being manifested in the store, but our challenge was to make it live online. In short, we wanted to create a website and content that truly […]

Lake Eugenia, the largest inground lake in Ontario’s Grey County, owes its name to a woman who had a very special relationship to water. Eugénie de Montijo was married to Napoleon – III and was the last empress of the French and was a Spanish countess. Eugénie believed her son was miraculously cured from a fever after being sprinkled […]

In the 1960’s Lake Erie was known as “North America’s Dead Sea.” Then it became an environmental success story. And now it’s in trouble again. In a recent New York Times article, an environmental scientist said: “We’ve seen this lake go from the poster child for pollution problems to the best example in the world of ecosystem […]

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