Lionel Mann

Everyone has various feelings towards email, but they generally fall into the “necessary evil” bucket. We need it, we get too much of it, check it way to often and use it as a very inefficient filing system most of the time. Although it’s been around in various forms for decades, 1978 marks the year that […]

There’s so much web development advice and design best practices out in digital land, we often get lost trying to keep up with the current evolution and thinking when it comes to our craft. I often lie on the couch and swipe through the recent additions to the content universe and think “shit, how can […]

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog post, but that’s not to say I haven’t been writing. In fact, I’ve been writing more and more each day but it’s just not for you…it’s for our clients.  My “topics” haven’t been about the “practical” stuff like timelines or project updates either, it’s been about education. […]

I’ve discovered a new web development friend which I’d like you to meet. It has eased the pain of viewing and testing websites and apps on various devices. It’s especially awesome for responsive web development. I’m not one for touting a particular product, but when a small tool helps in a big way and fits in seamlessly […]

June has been an amazing month for change within the creative walls of Hypenotic. A new baby was born, meditation has created an almost zen like focus in the office and Hypenotic has set off on some new sustainable directions. Well, we’ve got one more. We’ve completely revamped our online development process. We’re now (finally) […]

At Hypenotic we are constantly testing new technologies, trending ideas and “best practices.” Our focus the last couple of weeks has been mobile newsletters. With the growth of mobile email and the discussion that surfaced based on why your newsletter sucks, we decided to rework our own newsletter to see what would happen. By focusing […]

Does anyone read email on their desktop anymore? According to the report by Return Path, there was an 81% growth in folks viewing email on their mobile device during a 6-month period last year. The Litmus report released in September 2011 was even higher at 150% growth. Whatever the number, viewing email on mobile is […]

Google Pages launched today and I’m already feeling a little tired.  A little social media saturated shall we say.  I mean how many social media properties do you really need?   How many can you properly curate at one time? Usually I would be excited by this and be the first to jump in with both […]

It’s a sexy piece of technology and if you haven’t already heard of the game changing Lytro cameras you will soon. Lytro just unveiled a line of “light field” cameras that capture more colour, intensity and light per shot than traditional cameras. That makes for more vibrant photos, but most importantly, it allows users to […]

Mashable wrote an interesting article a couple of weeks ago about how QR codes could be one of the key pieces of technology that defines the 2012 US Presidential Election. QR codes are those square bar code looking things that can be scanned by your mobile phone to give you access to content on your […]