Rick Stender

Just for a moment, try to imagine soliciting the services of an architect to renovate your home. Candidates would not be allowed to see the inside of your home before proposing solutions. In fact, you would not tell them how many people live in the home, how frequently you like to entertain, whether any of […]

If you’re working with Hypenotic on a project, you’ll likely have encountered Basecamp, by 37signals. We put all of our projects there because it’s a great collaborative space for both clients and Hypenotic team members to chime in when there are decisions to make and problems to solve. It’s also a wonderful central place to […]

I threw out a great pair of shoes once after only a year. Just as the leather uppers were achieving buttery softness, the soles wore right through. Sadly, there was no easy way to get them fixed, because they were made from injection moulded rubber. So I pitched them in the trash and rued the […]

I’ve been using iAWriter lately and loving it. It’s a delightful, distraction-free writing tool by Information Architects (iA), a design consultancy based in Tokyo, Zurich and Berlin. iA brings some very thoughtful elements into their own website design that are worth considering. In this screenshot of their blog, you’ll see a black tab on the right […]

I was recently helping a client set up the email newsletter capture form for their website. The client has a hyper-networked role, often attending conferences, presenting workshops and travelling to make connections and extend the reach and relevance of their organization. The list of things they hoped to learn about their subscribers was considerable. Name, […]

The most recent email I received from MailChimp sported a feature I hadn’t noticed before. Perhaps it was new. It was definitely bold. What was it? Only the biggest freakin’ unsubscribe link I’ve ever seen. Check it out: That’s BIG. Most newsletters bury their unsubscribe links among administrivia like your mailing address or how you […]

I just read an interesting article on how the Obama campaign raised funds in the last election. According to the article, most came as the result of fund-raising emails. They rigorously tested the subject lines. The best were informal, conversational, almost personal. Examples: Hey (the most effective) I will be outspent Would love to meet […]

Want people to read your emails? You should consider where they’re reading it. No, I don’t mean the washroom, the dinner table, or the boardroom when no one is looking. Rather the mobile device that enables reading in these venues. Responsive web design has become an important part of our toolkit at Hypenotic, because we want […]

We recently got a new sofa at Hypenotic. This is great for two reasons: We’re hoping our clients will feel more comfortable and welcome when they visit It is guaranteed to vastly improve my daily nap Yes. I have a ritual siesta almost daily in the afternoon. It usually kicks in around 1or 2pm. I […]

In my recent post about fixing your email headline to get me to actually read it, I promised to show you how to test your headlines against your current ones that may be getting stale. And I’ll do that shortly. But first, that post garnered some interesting responses. Two people thought the example headline I […]