Sabrina Smelko

Before packing up my things and waving bon voyage to Hypenotic, I was asked to write a post about ‘What I Learned at Hypenotic.’ I couldn’t help but smirk at the notion since I could fill pages with the knowledge I’ve gained. However- ironically- one of these tid-bits of knowledge I’ve gained is that blog […]

  Planking 101 I  recently heard about the growing internet craze known as “planking” where you stiffen your body into a plank position and have photos taken at strange locations. It’s so big there have even been ‘death by planking’ incidents, and it’s sooooooo big, that Rosario Dawson planked on Jimmy Kimmel’s desk! The website www.peopleplanking.com […]

As an angst-y teen, I often went for bike rides that lasted hours. With no clear destination in mind, I was on the all important quest in search of  “myself.”  While now I laugh at how insignificant my problems really were, I can’t help but think about how biking was a healing force in my […]

A few weeks ago, desperately trying to tap into wireless networks using the password “password” had become a part time job for me. As a commuter with a long haul to and from our studio and no companion other than my 2003 model Samsung, not having the Internet at my disposal when in a sea of […]

Well well well… It’s about time I introduce myself as Hypenotic’s newest Graphic Design Intern. My name is Sabrina Smelko, although I’m sure you may already know that (see poster above). I am currently entering my fourth and final year at Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Applied Arts Illustration Program, so this internship is proving to […]