August 12, 2016

cd Hypenotic: jumping into tech

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Heyy! I’m Kanya and I just finished up a two-week internship here at Hypenotic.

I’m a 14-year-old with a strong passion for technology, and love everything from complicated robotics to funny snapchat stories.

BUT I wasn’t always this way… It started about three years ago when I attended a few tech-related summer camps and fell in love with the industry. I loved everything about it – from writing HTML and CSS to meeting the amazing mentors and people who inspired me. Since then I have continued to enjoy the tech field as a mentor and a self-taught coder. After that experience I just knew I had to have more! 

Which is how I found Hypenotic!

I went in one early morning to meet with the team. We had been emailing for a while so I felt pretty comfortable going in there. We started to talk about what I knew and what I was hoping to learn. They asked me about my experience with tech resources and tools, but of all the tools they had listed, I probably recognized two. I just sat there and proceeded to say “No, sorry I’ve never heard of that”. Although everyone was so friendly, the two weeks before the internship I was hoping to not get an email saying, “Sorry, we don’t think you are right for this position”.

Fortunately, I did not receive the email I was afraid of! On my first day I woke up feeling excited and a little nervous, but after being there for about an hour, all those negative feelings were long gone. We started with some setup and preparation for what was to come – I couldn’t wait to start learning!

One of the first tools that I was introduced to was the command line. I was amazed that this large black void allowed you to control your computer through simple commands. You can create files, edit them, move them, copy them – and so much more. I’m basically hooked.

Next up was SASS. It was everything I wished CSS would do. Having the ability to nest styles sped up my workflow and made the code way easier to understand.

Those two were my favourite out of the many tools I learned about – there was also, Git/Github, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, WordPress, Gulp, and probably more. On top of all of this, I was pleasantly surprised by the positive work environment and team dynamic.

I know that what I have learned just scratches the surface of what’s out there, but I feel like I have a strong enough foundation to tackle my own projects.  This internship was a wonderful opportunity and gave me a sense of what my future might look like.

[PScd allows you to go into a folder through command line :)]

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