We all try to do a little bit better here and there. Buy more local in season. Find more local designers or buy more thrift instead of the increasingly affordable and available fast-fashion. And that’s amazing–the more people who do a bit better, the sooner our ice-caps will stop falling into the ocean.

But what if every single thing you did was crafted to create maximum holistic returns? What if you only did things that could create positive returns, and only when you were ready to do them well? What if this was how you ran your business?

ChocosolLogo copy


Chocosol transcends ‘corporate social responsibility’. They go deeper than social entrepreneurship.
They’re a for-profit learning community exploring the answers to those questions through chocolate, cacao and tortillas.

Their mission: maximum positive impact at every stage of their supply chain/value chain.
Strategies: sell healthy delicious food, learn, co-create, teach, nourish, innovate, celebrate
Tactics: horizontal-trade, blend tradition with technology, create community, modularize and open-source





There is no modern metaphor for Chocosol’s modus operandi. They mash up ancient Meso-American traditions with modern sensibilities to create something new. A mental-model that defies most of our ideas about how businesses should operate. Getting the story across in a nutshell wasn’t going to happen.





So we didn’t. Instead, we use their packaging to help people re-think what it is they’re looking at and hopefully buying. We make the packaging the first soft volley in what will hopefully become a long, infectious conversation.

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