July 31, 2017

“Fresh” Water

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With summer coming to an end, that means so are beach days with friends, and lazy days at the cottage. All which wouldn’t be possible without the amazing fresh lakes this planet offers.

But did you ever stop and wonder just how “fresh” are they?

To say the least, I’m sure the truth will make you think twice before taking a plunge into the questionably fresh water below.

I recently watched A Plastic Ocean, an eye opening, jaw-dropping (and possibly tear- jerking) documentary that exposes the plastic crisis occurring in our water system, and specifically our oceans.

There are some things you cannot un-see. And now observing the careless, plastic habits of our society today, piss me off more than ever. This is a documentary that everyone could benefit from seeing because it brings to light the fact that each individual is a contributing factor, no matter how far removed you may feel from the devastating effects. The question is what kind of contribution will you choose to have?

What shocked me most from this film was the predicted that by 2015 there will be more plastic than there are fish in the ocean. This is pretty crazy to imagine considering the huge impact we are seeing already. There’s one scene in particular, which really puts this into perspective. Scientists and biologist dissect marine life that appears to have died without any obvious explanation as to why, and their findings were devastating. From small birds to a massive whale, the stomachs of these animals were so full of plastic to the point where they starved to death.

The ocean is sending us warning signs, which we cannot ignore.

We, as consumers with purchasing power, have the opportunity and responsibility to demand better and support responsible companies. Let’s use our power to make a change.

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