June 16, 2017

Hello and Hi From Josh : Some New Intern

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My instagram bio says that I’m “Just a Junior Chicken in a McChicken kinda world” —simply put, I’m just trying my best with the buns that I’ve been given.

My main transportation of choice is stumbling through life, and luckily sometimes my work turns out ok. Hypenotic was kind enough to take me in as I fell through their front door (I was pushed by a professor) and I’m really glad to have ended up here for the summer.


As per tradition, here is a montage minute of the most important :


I’ve lost my New York accent while being here, so people have stopped making fun of me for that, but we still have better pizza so I count the whole Canadian experience as a win for me.

Sometimes people say I look like Keanu Reeves which actually doesn’t offend me or make sense. But either way, Yvon Chouinard is my true spirit animal (he tells me that I’m a scumbag in my dreams—then I get jealous of dream-me).

My hero is Heath Ledger in “A Knights Tale” and sometimes color. The best color is obviously yellow, and if I had to credit one thing I’d say brutalism is the real reason I survived through school this far.

My favorite artist has a bad cell phone photo of a raccoon in a tree for album art and a song about buttery sprouts.

Less is more but apparently “Squawk My Wok”, Peruze My Nudez” and “Gander at My Fander” were not acceptable categories for my portfolio. 



All in all, I feel like it will be a rad summer here at Hype. I look forward to it!

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