February 23, 2012

Is Pinterest the next big thing?

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the next big thing

If you are already a Pinterest user I bet your email has been recently flooded by notifications of pins, repinns and follows. I have been a user for about a year and I had never seen such action until now. It seems like this social media site has finally gone mainstream.

I mentioned Pinterest in a blogpost some months ago, as one place you could go to find inspiration online. Back then I was using it to collect material that could serve as reference for my album cover project, I had basically two boards: one about album covers and the other one about rock stars. I was also following the boards of some designer friends (all women) who would post cool designs and cute pictures, that was all.

Yesterday my coworker Lionel asked me how could he follow me on Pinterest and then it hit me… I realized that I had an audience, that I should start pinning more and that I should upload my own content.

To get a better understanding on the whole phenomenon I decided to ask google:  Is pinterest the next big thing?

Here are some of the things google told me and that you should probably take into consideration if you are not a Pinterest user yet:

  • Pinterest is a virtual pinborard that lets you organize and share things you find on the web in an online community.
  • Last month, Pinterest suddenly jumped from 1 million unique monthly visitors to 11 million.
  • Marketing companies have discovered that Pinterest redirects more traffic back to their websites than Google + and other social networks.
  • Pinterest is not meant for self-promotion directly, however you can use it creatively to showcase the lifestyle or culture your brand promotes and share it with likeminded people.
  • Pinterest has the option to connect to Twitter and Facebook so you can post new pins ubiquitously in all your accounts.
  • To join Pinterest you need to request an invitation. The easiest way to do it is to ask a friend who already has an account to invite you. (If else fails, let me know and I can invite you.)
  • The majority of the users, up to now, are women and for this reason, there are lots of images about fashion, decoration, cooking and such. However, you are the one curating your boards so just like in twitter, you are the only one responsible for Justin Beaver pictures appearing in your board/timeline.
  • To prove that not everything in Pinterest are pictures of wedding invitations and kittens, there’s the “The Board of Man” With 195,733 followers, this board is dedicated to “bring balance to the force”  with images of Star Wars, whiskey, Chuck Norris and lots of bacon.

If you want to read more about how to use Pinterest for business, HubSpot has an awesome manual that explains why should you join, if not now, at least very soon.

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