February 6, 2013

Minimalist Web Design and Development

Less than 1 minute, in Code

There’s so much web development advice and design best practices out in digital land, we often get lost trying to keep up with the current evolution and thinking when it comes to our craft. I often lie on the couch and swipe through the recent additions to the content universe and think “shit, how can I keep up?”

We, who develop and design in the world of pixels, need reminding to stay still, take stock and look around a bit. We need to keep things minimalist.  Does this piece of functionality really help the user? Is there a simpler way of creating that ends with the same result. I found this poster by Grant Snider that pretty much sums it up.

  • Get rid of the unnecessary
  • Create structure
  • Stop searching for hidden meaning
  • Embrace what is solid
  • Lose yourself in patterns
  • Don’t fear empty space
  • Stay clean
  • Be bold and colorful
  • Don’t be too expressive!
  • Less is more…but less is more difficult than it looks.


Grant Snider -

Grant Snider –

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