Ontario Apple Growers

The Story of My Sustainable Canada & Ontario Apple Growers

Food is the largest sector of Ontario’s economy, and Ontario is the largest of the three main apple growing provinces. We grow plenty of Apples. But Ontario’s Public sector institutions are sourcing apple products from across the continent, and whole apples from around the world.

Most facilities would love to integrate more Ontario product into menus, meals, and snacks. If only the producers and procurers could understand each other…

Enter: My Sustainable Canada.

Working closely with the Ontario Apple Growers, My Sustainable Canada conducted 50+ surveys with procurement officials at Ontario health care facilities, public school boards, colleges/universities and correctional facilities. Their objective: identify product opportunities for Ontario’s apple growers to more strategically develop, pack and market products to ultimately increase the sales of Ontario apple products.

Hypenotic’s role was to help make the insights inviting, approachable and actionable.

Working remotely, we discussed and distilled the data, zeroed in on the problem we were solving, for who and sketched out prospective solutions. We videoed our walk-throughs, shared them and iterated on them based on multiple rounds of feedback.

Captured in the four infographics are the procurement steps and opportunities for marketing to Ontario correctional facilities, public schools, campuses, and health care facilities.

According to my Sustainable Canada:

Through their development, many consultations occurred with the institutions, sensitizing them to the opportunities and barriers that new vendors face when attempting to market to them. These information resources are intended to help apple industry members conceptualize and plan their strategy to approach BPS institutions, and to reach a broader audience within the local value chain (supply and demand side) to help them recognize what opportunities they have to facilitate the easier flow of Ontario product to public sector institutions. These infographics can be used by any person or organization who wants to help move the Ontario food system toward greater transparency and local ownership. These infographics can also serve as tools for the broader local food industry to refer back to for enlightenment and ideas on how to approach the BPS.

OnApples_Infographic_Campus_v7_ac_FNL OnApples_Infographic_Corrections_v7_ac_FNL OnApples_Infographic_Healthcare_v8_ac_FNL OnApples_Infographic_Schools_v5_ac_FNL