December 22, 2016

Retreats are Dead. Long-live Forwards.

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Healthy reflection and living in the moment are well and good, but as a futurist, I’d like to teach you about the benefits of adopting a future mindset.

Over the holidays each year, I like to sequester myself by a fire for a few days and plan out my energy use and commitments for the coming year.

I used to think of it as a retreat because of the isolation, but now I think of this kind of session as a “forward”… This reframing helps me:

  • See and map patterns in the things I’ve already committed to (for the coming year)
  • Recognize complementary qualities of and links between projects I’m planning or a part of
  • Set a more deliberate path towards my preferable future (before the unforeseen begins its attack on my psyche)

Sometimes it’s hard to get the brain in gear when you’re sitting down. So go for a walk.
And sometimes finding answers begins with asking questions, ie: How might I learn from a class I’ll be teaching?

If isolation isn’t your thing, consider attending this event hosted by my friend Joy who used to volunteer with me Toronto+Acumen.

From their website:
Supernacular Weekend from January 20th – 22nd, 2017.

Planning your new year can be a daunting task to undertake on your own. My team and I created this retreat to bring together great people in the city to reflect, set goals, and support each other to make next year epic!

Supernacular Weekend’s secret sauce is the deep sense of community we create. We believe the greatest transformation happens when you surround yourself with SUPER people, work through your limiting beliefs, and have accountability to keep you moving ahead. Not to mention lots of hi 5’s to celebrate your progress!

Whether it is a weekly mastermind or a monthly dance party, the magic really happens after the weekend where we co-create a year of growth, impact, and connection that lasts beyond the event.

For more information, please visit If you can’t make it, please share it with your friends or family who can benefit from this community!

If you have hacks that gear your brain to help you get more from the future, feel free to share them. I look forward to them.

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