September 9, 2013

Stuck on email? Basecamp has you covered

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If you’re working with Hypenotic on a project, you’ll likely have encountered Basecamp, by 37signals.

We put all of our projects there because it’s a great collaborative space for both clients and Hypenotic team members to chime in when there are decisions to make and problems to solve.

It’s also a wonderful central place to hold all the assets on a project, such as pictures, pdfs, and other files, so you don’t have to perform mind-bending feats of boolean searchery to locate revision 8 (final, I promise.) of your website copy that legal finally approved back in late April (or was it early March?).

All that said, many clients’ work cultures are so embedded in the inbox that the idea of learning to use a tool other than email to manage project communications is a stretch.

Happily, Basecamp has you covered.

When someone includes you in a discussion on Basecamp, a notification is sent to your inbox. You need only hit reply to have your two cents added to the discussion.

What’s more, each project has a unique email address, so you can forward emails, share file attachments, start a discussion or create a to-do list in Basecamp, all from the air-conditioned comfort of your inbox.

The good folks at 37signals have created this super-short (1 minute, 1 second) tutorial to show you how to email your content to Basecamp.

As you’ll see, it’s easier and more convenient than drive-through banking (for starters, you don’t need to remember where you parked your car). And it could be just the thing to bring some sanity back to your project — without having to change your email habit.

Still need help? Feel free to call us anytime or check out Basecamp’s help section, chock full of faq’s, minute-long videos and guides.

Use Basecamp regularly? Please share the features you find most useful in the comments below.

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