April 23, 2012

Welcome to Hypenotic, Chris

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My name’s Rebecca and I’m Hypenotic’s bookkeeper. Barry is not a silo thinker. He believes that everyone at Hypenotic should have the opportunity to write for the blog… even the bookkeeper.

In my long distant past I wrote for Canadian Tire’s employee newsletter, so I’m not a complete newbie, but it’s nice to know I can get back in the saddle when called upon.

The weather forecast today called for flurries. This was a bit disconcerting as it is April 23 and Hypenotic’s Summer Intern–Chris Hebert’s–first day on the job. Chris is from Sheridan (who we do a lot with) and is at Hypenotic to earn his 420 hours work experience. I’m sure he’ll be introducing himself in his own blog post, but I’m using his joining Hypenotic as a springboard to launch my first blog post.

I love the Interns. I love their energy, their eagerness, their freshness and readiness to take on any task, and yes, I even love their youthful naivete.  They are here to learn, and what an opportunity we have to teach them. They already know some theory, but this isn’t the classroom; they aren’t being inculcated through books and lectures. This is reality. This is diving into the deep end.

Here is where they’ll learn about teamwork and deadlines. Here is where they’ll learn to grow a thick skin as their project is edited till it no longer resembles their work. Here is where they learn to put aside their handheld devices and focus their attentions on their work. Here is where they’ll learn how to keep track of their hours and invoice for the time they worked. Here is where they’ll complete their education.

Welcome to Hypenotic Chris.

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