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White Ribbon Campaign Explores The New Face of Fatherhood

How do you make sure important research actually gets read and not filed away in a dusty archive?

That’s the challenge we took on when White Ribbon Campaign asked Hypenotic to design a cover for their new Involved Fathers and Gender Equity Report a few short weeks before it was launched.

The White Ribbon Campaign is on a mission to end violence against women. They’re challenging men to be a part of the solution to end violence,¬†promote gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity.

Recently, White Ribbon collaborated with Dad Central on a study of fatherhood. A diverse cross-section (Gay, Straight, Aboriginal, Partnered, Single, Working, Stay-at-Home) of fathers¬†— 53 in all — were represented from across Ontario.

Comprising surveys, focus groups, interviews and a service audit, the study explored how fathers, and organizations that support them, play a role in promoting gender equality.

The Report shines a light on the evolving role of men (involved fathers, as they’re called) in child raising and the positive impacts on their families.

Shortly before the paper was to be released, Todd Minerson, the Campaign’s Executive Director, and a friend, called to see whether we could put a shiny face on the report.

As always, we took a step back to ask:

  • Why is this report important?
  • Who should care about this?
  • What actions do we want people to take as result of reading it?
  • How can we make this shareable?

We decided it needed to have an arresting cover. You should be able to get the gist at a glance. And, per our brief from WRC, irreverence was definitely okay.

In addition to the cover, we created banners and buttons that White Ribbon Campaign could use to promote the report on their social media outposts.

And, because we hoped people would actually read it, we formatted it in an accessible way that called out the many great quotes from fathers.

White Ribbon Campaign is thrilled with the outcome. We don’t generally deal in PR-style metrics, but White Ribbon Campaign reports the Fatherhood Report garnered over 10 million media impressions, was covered by at least 24 media outlets and was downloaded over 600 times.

The cover image was used both in a national article and a recent Radio Canada interview.

We can’t take all the credit for the success of the report, of course. White Ribbon Campaign has a broad supportive audience. And the research is current and engaging. Gender roles are evolving and impact all of us. And lots of fathers will relate to the perspectives shared.

But we’re happy to see this important research see the light of day and spark discussion. And not get buried on a desk, under a pile of papers, unread.

Download the Involved Fathers and Gender Equity report now.

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