About Us

Marketing as if people mattered.

Hypenotic is a founding Canadian B Corp on a mission to manifest a more ‘Generative Economy’. Beyond ‘Sustainable’, a ‘Generative’ approach looks for opportunities to spark other positive returns. Since 1998, we’ve worked with brands who take the impact of how they make their margins into account. We help them use their mission to inform their marketing strategies and tactics.

Over the years, we’ve realized that a few key ingredients produce the most effective results.

  1. Being mission-driven: Our projects start by stating the problem in a way that could matter to the right audiences. In this media-saturated era, people have become great at filtering marketing messages. Messages they don’t need to hear stay out. The right ones find their way to us through trusted sources and peers.
  2. A subtractive process: If the needle you’re moving isn’t clear, we start there. Like removing material from a sculpture to reveal the form within, we define what problem your efforts are solving. That is, we don’t show up and tell you the answers, we bring processes to define the challenge with you.
  3. A partnership approach: We consider our clients co-creators, and include them in every stage of the process. As we learn about your challenges, you learn about marketing, design, and development practices.
  4. User-centred design: The people who notice, interact with and share what we create are your clients, prospects, and peers. They may sometimes be, but aren’t always like you. We help you shape offerings and experiences tuned to a frequency they’re listening for and that will resonate with them.
  5. An agile-spirited process: We learn the most by doing. So our projects blend small, regular, strategy and review sessions with short sprints of work in-between. This way, we deliver value at each stage, take advantage of inspiration as it arises, and re-orient as necessary based on the most current insights.

Values: With great power…

Design is a powerful tool. It commands focus. It informs. It persuades. We don’t take our role in using this power for granted. If we’re going to affect perception, interaction, sales, shares, and votes, we’d prefer to do it for things that matter. For people who consider what positive social impact they can generate on their road to a healthy bottom line.

Gamut: Our own kind of unicorn

There are great conscious strategy firms out there. There are no shortage of design heroes to admire. And we’re inspired by many trailblazing developers inventing the next web daily. Using design thinking and doing to solve business and social problems requires comfort with all three.

Now that you know a bit about us, maybe you’d like to run a problem by us?