July 5, 2013

Become the owner of your story

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Hypenotic’s take on the Status Meeting

I’m sure many, if not all of you have at some point experienced the “Status Update”. They tend to pop up at least once a week, typically on a Monday or Tuesday and almost always after everyone has had their entire pot of coffee.

I’m one of the (possibly few) people who really enjoy status updates. I find that when there are lots of projects on the go, having a meeting to just touch base and see where everyone and everything is at is extremely helpful.

That doesn’t mean that the process is perfect, however.

Hypenotic decided as a team to change things up a bit.

Shifting from a task based meeting to a story-based one

Task based meetings typically involve one person leading, and others following. Someone who has itemized everything goes through the list and asks for updates on where those things are at, adjusting said list accordingly. Sounds pretty helpful, however it also casts a negative light that usually highlights what hasn’t been done yet, and completely skips over the accomplishments. This makes one person accountable.

Story-based meetings are more in line with Hypenotic’s values. Not only are stories much more positive, they also make everyone accountable instead of one person leading them.

We start off with one person holding “the conche” (in this case, a hacky sack). That person has the floor, and goes through the projects they are working on, the status of that project, and the next steps. After everyone has a chance to speak, we then each bring up one thing that we are concerned about and something we are really excited about working on. This gets people thinking about ways to creatively tackle any issues that may have slipped through the cracks, or has been on someone’s mind for a while. It also ends the meeting on an extremely positive note.

It’s all about accountability

The idea is that the accountability and ownership seeps into the rest of the week because you are the owner of your story. Everyone gets to speak, it’s more engaging, and people leave feeling like they have a grasp on the tasks at hand, that they have raised their concerns and have been heard. So far, I love it.
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