2017 B Inspired Talks

Emily Dela Cruz
Oct 3 2017

Everyone at Hypenotic’s excited that the B Corp Champion Retreat has come to Toronto (October 3-5).

Each year the global B Corp Community comes together, and this year’s theme is interdependence. We’re on this planet together, so it’s important that we recognize our interconnectedness and collaborate with other movements fighting for social, environmental and economic justice.

A big part of the retreat are the B Inspired Talks – where you can hear how leaders use business as a way to create positive social and environmental impact.

I’m personally excited to hear about Onia Harris’ story. She’s the 2nd Shift Production Operations Lead for People Against Dirty Manufacturing (method) in the Pullman neighborhood on the south side of Chicago, IL. method creates powerful, planet-friendly cleaning products.

As someone who likes looking into company supply chains, I’m interested to learn how method approaches each step of its process.

We hope to see some of you there!

We’re all in this together!