February 2, 2010

Fiesta Farms Video Shoot #1: Meeting Nooria

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NooriaWe’re producing 6 videos for Fiesta Farms’s website, each featuring an older person from a different ethnic background cooking a traditional dish. The videos will be rolled out over the next 12 months.

And I’m the lucky gal who gets to meet all of these amazing people and interview them for the Fiesta Farms webisodes.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Nooria, who welcomed us into her Mississauga home and cooked up 2 kinds of dumplings; one meat, one veggie. Not only did she let us invade her space for 5 hours, but she served us an amazing lunch and sent us on our way with take out containers full of incredible food. She and her husband even packed up the nuts that were on the table because they saw how much we enjoyed them.

Nooria2Nooria is a part of the Afghan Women’s Catering Group, a collective that was established in 1997 to help underemployed Afghani women gain the skills and income they need when they first arrive in Toronto. Now the group is incredibly successful; serving up samosas, kabobs, and less familiar dishes like the dumplings Nooria made for us today. The catering collective is not only a model of economic development, they make amazing food that is a huge hit meetings and events all across the GTA. Don’t believe me? Check out one Chowhound reviewer’s positive comments.

If you’re tired of serving soggy sandwiches and cold wraps at business meetings, I suggest you give the catering group a call. If Nooria’s cooking is any indication, brace yourself for food that is  fresh, unique and truly delicious. Better food makes for better meetings? Didn’t your grandmother tell you that?

By the way, I love my job!

Tomorrow: Clara, our Italian chef making stuffed artichokes.

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