January 26, 2016

The secret power of an aspirational word

1 minute read, in Culture

How are those New Year’s resolutions? Are they even worth sticking to? If you want to run with the self-improvement fever this time of year offers, I suggest an approach that inspires you instead of the traditional language trap.

Rather than specific targets for your resolution(s), consider a mantra; a word you associate with your desired mood or your general disposition. Kind of a way of being.

And rather than committing to a resolution for a full year, you might consider a seasonal mantra word.

The demotivation created by missing your targets creates more inertia than the wind at your back feeling you get from hitting them.

The mantra approach is a bit of a lens you can use to filter all kinds of decisions through. You can decide to what degree you apply them, building strength and commitment to your goal over time. Another benefit of a lens is that it magnifies your vision. You see instances of and opportunities to work on your goal tall around, that you never noticed before.

Two words that are significantly influencing my behaviour this year are “nudge” and “generative.”

A “nudge” is a cue that helps you become aware of a behaviour, ideally to prompt an improvement. And “generative” refers to something that increases a capacity for improvement.

Hypenotic’s mission is to visualize, ignite and promote a more generative economy. Now let’s see if we can nudge more people to think about it.

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