September 6, 2013

Rebranding the Mutt

1 minute read, in Marketing

How would you like to adopt a “Chubby-tailed German Dobernauzer”? Or how about an “Alaskan Collie Fluffyterrier”?

These are just two of the fantastic names that canine experts in Costa Rica have given the unique breeds found at the rescue centre Territorio de Zaguates.

This amazing organization can¬†get up to 600 dogs at a time, and while the rise of pups in their care rises, the number of adoptions doesn’t. The problem? About 94% of the dogs in their care are Mixed Breeds. And while still adorable, when it comes down to choosing a pet, they are branded considered “less valuable”.

“What could be of more value, than a dog that because of it’s mix, is like no other?”

By deciphering the present breeds in some of the shelter’s dogs, unique breeds were born.

The shelter appeared on a well-known television program to showcase these new, unique breeds, hoping to gain some interest in their dogs. Their message: “When you adopt a Mutt, you adopt a Unique Breed”.

The results couldn’t have been better! People are loving the dogs. Just after 45 days of airing their campaign,¬†Adoption rates shot up 1,400%, 100% of the costs of running the shelter are now covered by sponsors, and Mutts Unique Breeds are now attending dog shows (a place where only pure-breeds were allowed before).


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