November 30, 2011

What are you thankful for today? The gratitude app

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My friend Ayla has been keeping a journal for more than 2 years to keep a record of things that she’s grateful for each day. She’s noticed that this exercise has helped her maintain more positive attitude even in times of trouble.

One day she was talking about her daily exercise with Andrés, a friend of hers who works at a development shop here in Toronto. He thought this was a great idea and that it would be great as a portable app, so they decided to explore the possibility of taking the journal into the digital world.

First it was a question of whether  people would actually be committed to write things they’re thankful for every day. They made a test group in which I participated; and started with a simple email reminder and a form in which we were asked to write six things each day for 21 days. At the end of each week they would send us statistics about the top things we were thankful for.

For me it felt like collecting stamps, I would not want to miss a day without filling that page with 6 things. At the end of the 21 days it definitely made me more conscious of the things I value the most in my life. Most of the people in the test group felt the same and decided to continue doing it. That’s when Ayla and Andrés decided to take it seriously and move forward developing 1 Thing.


After being a witness to the whole process that it took to develop the app, I am happy to announce that 1 Thing launched last Thursday, strategically on American Thanksgiving Day, and is now available online at There is nothing to download, and you can use it on a desktop or mobile phone with one account.

When you sign up you get a private “gratitude notebook” where you can start posting the things you’re thankful for. The app also features a public feed where users can share or look at other peoples’ postings. And it gives you the option of looking at your old postings by date so it becomes like a real online diary.

We have gotten used to being constantly bombarded with bad news.  What I find the most appealing about the 1 Thing app is that it takes our focus back to the positive things happening in our lives every day. I’m thankful for that.

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